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We are
reinventing speed.

Watch the video

Turn your phone
into a smart speed radar.

Scoutee is a small and affordable speed radar that communicates with your smartphone.

Its state of the art technology provides accurate and reliable measurement of your pitching speed.

The custom app provides history, video with pitch data overlay, data and video analysis, and sharing.

Step one

Measure your
pitching speed.

The Scoutee radar and custom app allow you to easily capture your pitching data and video anywhere and anytime.

Step two

Save and analyze
your data.

Instantly access and review months of training data and videos on your mobile device.

Step three

your game.

Track your progress over time and share your talent with friends, coaches, and scouts.

Make every pitch count.


Application features

How to use Scoutee

Technical specifications

You just throw that ball. Scoutee will take care of everything else.

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