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April 6, 2015

11 tips to make the most of Opening Day

A long wait is finally over! Baseball fans rejoice as the Opening day is here! We know that the whole experience of watching your favorite team play again will be enough to make your day, if not your week. But still, we want you to make the most of this first day of the season. This is why we have prepared some tips how to enjoy the games in best way possible. Please note that they also apply to any other day of the season.

1. Do you need a day off from work? Brewers made sure you won’t have any problems with your boss. Gentlemen, here’s a note to your boss:

Ladies, this one’s for you:

2. If you’re staying home, you have to make sure you know when your favorite team is playing.Here is a link to the OFFICIAL SCHEDULE of all the games.

3. Make sure your better half knows today is Opening day and that this is Opening week and that it is better not to plan anything in these days, because you won’t be able to attend.


4. Make sure you have enough of your favorite snacks and there’s enough beer in your fridge. It would be a bummer if your supplies ran out in the middle of the game, wouldn’t it?

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5. If you plan to watch the games with friends, make sure you go to the one friend that has the biggest and most comfortable couch and the biggest fridge.

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6. Even more important than point 5 is that your friend has a big TV.

scoutee smart speed radar gun opening day 03

7. Get that favorite baseball jersey of yours out of the back of your closet and wear it for the game to get you in the right mood.

scoutee smart speed radar gun opening day 04

8. We already know you’ll be wearing your team’s hat, so we won’t tell you to do that.


9. Have a glove on you. You just can never know where the ball is coming from.

10. Make sure you still know the lyrics to the Seventh-inning stretch song… You know that one: “Take me out…”. If you forgot the lyrics, repeat before the game, as you don’t want to end up like this guy:

11. Last, but not least, here are Team-by-team previews and odds by CBS, to know what you can expect.

There you go, you’re all set now!

Play Ball!

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