November 24, 2015

5 innovative gift ideas for your favorite baseball fan

With the holiday season right around the corner we wanted to help you out with some innovative gift ideas for your favorite baseball fan.

Vintage Baseball Stadium Seat Silver Cufflinks

These cufflinks are made from the seats ripped out from baseball stadiums. They are mounted on sterling silver and officially approved by MLB. You can choose cufflinks made from the seats from Fenway, Dodger Stadium, Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, and many other iconic ballparks. You can order them here.

scoutee smart speed radar gun cuff links

Baseballism Game Day Sock Pack

This is a pack of awesome socks to stay close to the game even outside of the season and keep your feet warm. The pack features Outfield Grass, Score Book and Homerun Robbers models. They will be available only on Black Friday and will not re-stock until Christmas, so make sure to get one pack for yourself on their online store. Our favorites? Absolutely the Score Book socks!

scoutee smart speed radar gun baseballism socks

Baseball lacelets

These bracelets are made of real baseball glove lace – hence the name “lacelets”. They look great on men and women and are sure to make your style stand out. You can even personalize them with the baseball quote that inspires you the most! You can order the lacelets here.

scoutee smart speed radar gun baseball lacelets

Scoutee smart radar gun

Scoutee is the perfect gift for your pitcher. It is the first smart radar gun that lets you measure the speed of your pitching, save other pitch parameters and record a video of your pitching technique with pitch data overlaid. Scoutee is one of the smallest existing radar guns and it is connected to your phone so you can instantly access months of training data on your smartphone! Don’t miss the Black Friday Special (it lasts for the whole week) and save $40 on Scoutee’s preorder price!

scoutee smart speed radar gun baseball field home base


If bat is the favorite part of your sports equipment, you might want to check out Zepp. This little sensor allows you to analyze your swing or stroke through 3D and video analysis. You can also capture your personal mechanics and compare your swing side-by-side to professional athletes. You can use Zepp for baseball, but also for golf, tennis, or softball. You can order one here.

scoutee smart speed radar gun zepp baseball

We have one more idea, and this one is so cool and ever-lasting, we decided to post it outside of the list. One of the best gifts of all times is your old baseball glove you pass down to your kid with a couple of great baseball stories. 😉

Did you find another innovative baseball gift that is not on the list? Shoot us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

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