June 13, 2016

5 reasons why Scoutee smart radar gun is the best Father’s Day gift

Your dad is your most devoted supporter, your best coach, most reliable driver and best friend.

This is why we want your dad to have the best Father’s Day present any sports fan would wish for – a Scoutee smart radar gun. Here are five reasons why your dad should have one of these:

– Scoutee smart radar gun is the most innovative solution in sports technology in years. All men love to have the best and most up-to-date equipment available!

– He is your most devoted coach, he keeps track of all your statistics. Scoutee smart radar gun allows him to measure your speed and capture additional data, and also record annotated video of your performance, so that you can together analyze your progress over time.

– With Scoutee smart radar gun you and your dad will have all your verified training data in one place and will be able to share it with coaches and scouts worldwide and show your great talent!

– Your dad travels with you to all the tournaments, and has to carry around tons of equipment – a camera, a stopwatch, score sheets and sometimes even a big bulky radar gun. With Scoutee radar gun he only needs one piece of equipment and his smartphone or a tablet.

– Scoutee is very versatile, so your dad can use it also outside sports. We all know speeders in our neighborhoods are a real thread to their safety. Imagine how cool your dad will be with capturing them on film.

scotuee smart speed radar gun coach

scotuee smart speed radar gun mobile app

scotuee smart speed radar gun net

You can pre-order Scoutee today and save $130 on the retail price!

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