April 12, 2016

A Glimpse Into Scoutee’s Development

Spring is here, baseball season is in full swing and there’s new energy everywhere! This is true also for our team, which is working hard to deliver your SCOUTEE™ radar devices.

Development of such an innovative product is a pain-staking process with many challenges and we’re happy to have a great technical team of experts, dedicated to develop a smart radar gun with the best performance possible.

Here’s a glimpse into the technical process behind the development of the world’s first smart speed radar gun.

In the picture below Jure, our electronics engineer and Bluetooth expert, is testing the final circuitry, in order to confirm that both the analog and signal processing parts work as they should.

scoutee smart speed radar gun development

One of the most important advantages of SCOUTEE™ is that you will be able to attach it to your phone with a simple magnet sticker to measure speed and record videos at the same time. To be able to provide this functionality, we needed to test numerous magnets in order to make sure the strength of the attachment is just right. In the picture below you can see many of the magnets we have tested, and we are confident we have found the perfect solution.

scoutee smart speed radar gun magnets

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