May 31, 2016

A New Radar Gun Is Coming Soon

During the last few weeks many components for the production and the assembly of the devices have been delivered to us, and we thought it would be great to show you some of the components that go into SCOUTEE™ radar devices.

You know that you will be able to safely attach your SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Gun to your smartphone using a metal sticker that you will receive along with your device. But how does it work?

This is how – SCOUTEE™ radar device attaches to the sticker on the back of your phone with the help of small magnets that are in the back of device. You can see how they look in the picture below.

scoutee smart speed radar gun magnets

The magnets are strong enough to make sure that your SCOUTEE™ is safely attached to your phone or tablet, but still allow you to remove the radar gun anytime you like.

And here are the batteries that go into the radar guns. We put great attention into selecting the most appropriate batteries for our SCOUTEE™ devices. They had to be small and light enough, but still provide great performance, up to 6 hours of continuous measurements.

scoutee smart speed radar gun batteries

To sum up, we’re happy to let you know that the production of SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Gun devices is going according to plans.

Last week Scoutee team also attended the Pioneers Festival in Vienna – one of the biggest startup conferences in Europe and received a lot of attention from sports enthusiasts and potential partners.

scoutee smart speed radar gun pioneers festival

The word about SCOUTEE™ is spreading around the world, we’re happy to have been featured on the Korean tech website The Gear. Here’s the link to the article.

We’re still accepting pre-orders, so don’t forget to invite your friends to pre-order their SCOUTEE™ unit before we ship the first batch of devices. The price is expected to increase after that.

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