Frequently asked questions

1. What is Scoutee?

Scoutee is world’s first smart radar, connected to a custom app on your smartphone.

2. Is Scoutee an app or a device?

Scoutee is an innovative solution that consists of two parts – hardware and software. The hardware device is the size of a bar of soap. The user communicates with Scoutee through a custom mobile app on their smartphone.

3. How does Scoutee work?

The Scoutee device measures the speed of an ordinary baseball and transfers the measurement via bluetooth to an app on your smartphone. With the app, you can determine the type, location, and the result of your pitch, and also record video. The app automatically stores all the information in the cloud so you can track your progress over time and share your results with friends, coaches, and scouts.

4. Is there any special technology in the ball?

No. We use Doppler technology, which means that we can measure the speed of an ordinary ball without altering the ball itself.

5. How do I use Scoutee?

We accommodate for different types of usage. You can attach the Scoutee device to your smartphone with an enclosed small but powerful magnet sticker. You can place Scoutee on a classic or a mini flexible tripod. You can hang it on the fence with an enclosed carabiner clip. There are many ways to use Scoutee to track your speed.

6. Why is Scoutee different from other devices on the market?

Scoutee is different because:
* it’s smart – it is world’s first-ever smart radar that replaces the old pen-and-paper approach to keeping the stats. It connects to your smartphone and automatically stores a vast amount of data to the cloud, which allows you to track progress over time and expose your talent
* it’s small – it is one of the smallest radars on the market
* it’s reliable – unlike other mobile apps out there, it matches the accuracy and reliability of the traditional radars
* it’s affordable – it costs only a fraction of the price of the traditional radar guns

6. How big is Scoutee?

Scoutee is 3.62×2.36×1.10 inch / 92x60x28 mm large, approximately the size of a soap. In other words it fits right in the palm of your hand.

5. What is the technology behind Scoutee?

Scoutee uses standard Doppler radar technology, the same technology as in other well-known professional radar guns. It operates in a 24 GHz frequency band. Scoutee connects to a smart device (cell phone or tablet) using Bluetooth technology.

6. How accurate is Scoutee?

With Scoutee you can measure speed with +/- 1mph (+/- 2km/h) accuracy. This means that Scoutee is comparable to the most accurate radar guns in the industry.

7. What is the range of the device?

Scoutee will have a range of approximately 130 ft. This means that you will be able to measure pitching speed from behind the backstop even during live games.

8. Can I change the speed units from miles per hour to kilometers per hour?

Yes, you can. You can change the settings in the Scoutee mobile app.

9. Which smart devices can I use Scoutee with?

In the first phase, the Scoutee app will be available for iPhones and Android phones. Later on we will also provide an app for iPads, Apple Watches, and other Android devices.

10. Can I use Scoutee with other sports?

We are currently focusing on baseball, but the Scoutee radar can be used also for measuring ball speed in many other sports, for instance soccer, cricket, tennis, golf, American football, softball, lacrosse, volleyball, handball, hockey, and many more. Not only that — with Scoutee you can even measure the speed of cars and other moving objects!

11. What is included in the Scoutee package?

You will receive the following items: 1 Scoutee device, 1 Scoutee magnet (for attaching to your smartphone), 1 Scoutee screw, 1 Scoutee carabiner clip, 1 micro USB charging cable, and 1 draw-string bag for portability.

12. When will I get my Scoutee?

Scoutee devices are currently sold out. Please sign up for our newsletter to learn when Scoutee is available again.

13. Is shipping included in the price?

No,  shipping is not included in the price.

14. Why is it so expensive?

Scoutee is actually one of the most affordable, while at the same time most reliable, solutions for speed measurement on the market. Not only this, it is also the first ever smart radar.

15. How much will the app cost?

The basic version of the app will be free.

16. I am a parent/coach. Will I be able to use Scoutee with multiple players?

Yes, the basic version of the app will enable using Scoutee with up to 3 players. The advanced version of the app will enable coaches to use it with even more players.

17. For whom is Scoutee intended?

Anyone can use Scoutee – coaches, scouts, players, and players’ parents.

18. Doesn’t throwing hard hurt your arm?

Yes, it can, if you don’t use the right technique or if you overthrow. This is why our solution also includes video recording, which enables you to analyze and correct your technique and pitch count, which enables you to track the number of your pitches and set limitations in order to not overuse your arm.

19. Is there a special meaning behind the word Scoutee?

We believe that with Scoutee it will be much easier to cultivate and discover talented players. Scoutee places the power in your hands and enables you to “get scouted” or to scout for talented players anywhere in the world.

20. How durable will Scoutee be?

The Scoutee radar will be very durable, as the casing will be made of durable plastic materials. You will be able to use Scoutee in any training or game scenario.

21. Can I get Scoutee in different colors or materials?

Scoutee is currently available in one color pattern: red/grey. However, it might be possible to introduce Scoutee in different colors. Please let us know which color you think would be even better than the red/grey combination and we will give it a thought.

SCOUTEE Smart Radar
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