November 3, 2016


We are excited to announce that today our product – the SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Gun has been launched!

After months of hard work the first batch of smart radar guns have been sent to the earliest evangelists who believed in us and preordered SCOUTEE™ already during our Kickstarter campaign exactly a year ago, as well as during our Indiegogo InDemand campaign. On this occasion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our earliest Kickstarter and Indiegogo evangelists, who enabled the development and production of the SCOUTEE™ solution and who patiently, supported us along the way.


Also, all the Scoutee apps have been released today! We released FOUR apps, so that you can use your SCOUTEE™ with both your iOS or Android devices, for baseball or for a number of different sports, as well as in traffic! You can download the apps right HERE.


However, please note that Scoutee Apps work only in combination with the SCOUTEE™ device. The first batch of SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Guns is sold out, but if you are interested in ordering one, please SIGN UP for our newsletter and you will be the first to learn when SCOUTEE™ becomes available again.


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