August 30, 2016

Scoutee Reaches the Final Production Stage

Summer usually means weeks or even months off.

Well, not with our team – we’ve had a really busy summer and we are now happy to share with you that after two years of intensive development of SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Gun we are now in the final stage of our production process – assembly and packaging. Below is a sneak peek into some of the production processes of SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Gun during the last few months.

Our hardware experts designed our printed circuit board (PCB) from scratch, and went through a few iterations to reach the most optimal solution which is now forming the brains of the smartest, but also one of the smallest speed radar guns on the market.

With the brains of our device produced, we had to breathe life into our radar devices by programming the micro-controllers on our PCBs.

scoutee smart radar gun flash

To make sure everything works perfect, we’ve performed functional tests in the areas of communication with the phone, measurements with artificial signal, and we’ve also tested all the vital parts of our solution – LED lights, button, overall PCB performance, etc.

scoutee smart radar gun test

Also the production of our plastic housing was in full swing during the summer – final production runs were performed after weeks of preparations, test runs, corrections and adjustments of our tooling.

scoutee smart radar gun plastic

scoutee smart radar gun box

Other components of the SCOUTEE™ solution started to come in as well, forming the contents of the Scoutee package.

scoutee smart radar gun pack

On the software side of things – we will be releasing four different apps upon shipping of the devices – baseball apps for iOS and Android as well as general apps for both platforms – for purposes other than baseball. Below is our blue, general SCOUTEE™ app.

scoutee smart radar gun balls

We also had to design and produce the packaging that will not only make sure that SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Guns reach our customers in perfect shape, but that also look good.

scoutee smart radar gun packaging

To sum it up, we’re now weeks from shipping out the first production batch of SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Guns to our supporters from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We really look forward to the feedbacks from our early supporters, as we believe SCOUTEE™ will be a real game changer in the fields of sports tech, sports analytics, as well as sports recruitment.

scoutee smart radar gun meet

We could not be more excited to help you Speed Up Your Game soon!