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September 16, 2015

Technology And Baseball – What A Match!

Dear friends,

We are about a week into our Kickstarter campaign to bring you SCOUTEE – the world’s first smart speed radar. We already wrote about the ways technology is changing baseball, now it’s our turn to contribute to this wonderful sport.

We are excited that we have received such incredible support during the last week. So many of you have reached out with your comments how helpful Scoutee will be to your trainings, and also questions and suggestions to make Scoutee even better! Your feedback was amazing and now we are sure more than ever that we are making a training tool that will be of high value to young players and their coaches.

We are also proud to say that our efforts have been recognized by one of our favorite media outlets reporting about tech in sports – SportTechie.

scoutee smart speed radar gun SportTechie

Scoutee is on a mission of empowering young baseball players worldwide by providing them with a simple and affordable tool they can use for training, for monitoring their progress and to expose their talent.


Always keeping the current state of baseball in mind, we made sure to add an additional setting for player safety. We want every young player to be safe and to train responsibly, which is why we also included a very important feature in the app – a pitch count with an adjustable pitch limit that displays a warning once that limit is reached.

scoutee smart speed radar gun app screensIf you like Scoutee, or even better, if you think it would help you with your trainings – preorder it HERE, there are still some early bird specials left. And SHARE THE NEWS about us! 🙂

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