The Scoutee story

I fell in love with baseball in 1997 when my family visited relatives in Akron, Ohio. They took us to an Indians-Marlins game at Jacobs Field and I was immediately enthralled by this wonderful sport. Upon our return to Europe, I asked my father to help me search for a baseball team in our country. There were three baseball teams in our city and I started to train with one of them. I was actively involved in baseball for nearly 10 years and also became a member of Slovenian National Baseball Team as one of the best pitchers in Eastern Europe.

After finishing high school, I wanted to become a professional and study and play baseball for an American college. However, although I had the talent, I lacked the stats, videos, and other metrics that would support my case, as baseball in Europe is still developing. I did everything I could but unfortunately did not succeed in further pursuing my pro athlete dreams.

After devoting my life to an academic career, I realized that my love for baseball was still very much alive. I also realized that just like me there must be millions of young and prosperous athletes and their coaches worldwide who lack a convenient way for easily measuring and keeping track of their progress and exposing their talent.

This is why I gathered a team of experts to help me develop an affordable, reliable, convenient, and smart device that players and coaches could use every day to track progress at trainings and games. SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Gun is the solution that will forever change how athletes and coaches all over the world train and improve.

It is you, sports professionals and young and aspiring athletes whose lives we’re trying to change with SCOUTEE™ Smart Radar Gun. We are dedicated to bringing opportunity to every athlete in the world!

On behalf of the team Scoutee, I’m excited to help you Speed Up Your Game!

Miha Uhan
Scoutee Co-Founder & CEO