How To Win When Baseball Betting

Winning at baseball betting takes a certain level of skill, luck, strategy, and proper money management. We are going to give some insider tips that should significantly increase your overall win rate and put you on the path of baseball wagering success.

Be A Baseball Contrarian

In baseball, it pays to go against the crowd. We recommend you look for money lines that  are swinging hard in one particular direction and then placing your money on the other side. To balance their books, sites will shift their odds to entice gamblers to take the other side. By being patient, you can find tremendous deals and take advantage of an uneducated public.

Study The Weather

Baseball is a sport that is heavily influenced by the weather. Before placing a wager, you should always study the wind forecast. If a game has high wind, you can expect the score to be reduced. This can create a great opportunity to take the under on the total score. You should keep an eye out for forecasted rain. MLB matches are suspended if rain is particularly heavy but will continue to play through light showers. Teams that rely on big-time pitchers tend to struggle in the rain, so betting against them can be a smart move.

Find The Best Odds

Not all baseball betting sites are created equal. Some platforms offer amazing bonus deals and below market odds, while others won’t hand out any freebies and charge a high vig. Poor coefficient can really shrink your winnings and make it incredibly difficult to be a long-term winner.

To always have access to the best promo deals and odds, we recommend you create an account at multiple sportsbooks. This way, you will always be able to make sharp bets no matter the league, game, or bet type.

Practice Sound Bankroll Management

It doesn’t matter if you are the greatest baseball bettor the world has ever seen. If you bet too much of your bankroll, you will go broke. 

To avoid this happening, beginners should gamble the same amount of money every time they place a wager and only risk 1%  of your bankroll each wager. If you go through a downswing and your money contracts, you need to decrease your wager size, so you are always only risking 1% of your bankroll. For example, if you have $1000, only place $10 each wager, and if you end up losing a number of wagers and your bankroll shrinks to $9000, your new stake size should be $9.

Avoid Short Odd Favorites

Too many gamblers are drawn in by favorites who offer no value due to their super low odds. This actually presents a great opportunity for smart gamblers as sportsbooks will increase the odds of the underdog in an effort to convince players to gamble on them. If you bide your time, you can lock in gambles on slight underdogs at long shot odds and receive +200 or more. With those numbers, you can quickly grow your bankroll. 

If you keep our baseball wagering tips in mind, you should see a dramatic improvement in your winnings. Don’t be surprised if your win rate jumps by 5% or more. Remember that successful baseball betting is a sprint, not a marathon!