Largest Baseball Bets In History

Since its founding, baseball has always had a strong betting culture. As the sport has developed and grown in popularity, this obsession with gambling has only increased. Nowadays, fortunes have been won and lost by gambling on baseball, with mouthwatering sums being wagered every day. Let’s look back at the largest wagers in baseball history.

Unknown Bettor Loves The St Louis Cardinals

In 2011 an unknown gambler made one of the best wagers in baseball history. They traveled to Las Vegas and quietly slipped into the MGM casino, where they made two wagers. They placed $250 on the St Louis team to win the National League and $250 on them to win the World Series. The mystery bettor won both wagers and walked away with just under $400,000. They ended up 750x their initial stake and winning life-changing money. We hope whoever the man or woman that was, they put that money to good use!

Professional Gambler Dave Oancea Splashes The Cash

Dave Oancea is known as one of the biggest baseball bettors in Las Vegas. He definitely lived up to his reputation when he placed over $100,000 on the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series after the season had only just begun. Kansas had not even played ten games before the veteran gambler decided to go around numerous sportsbooks and take advantage of 30 to 1 odds. Luckily, for this high roller, the wager paid off, Kansas won everything, and Dave pocketed a juicy $2.5 million jackpot which he proceeded to spend on Birkin bags.

Mysterious Eastern European Sets Sports Betting Records

During the 2017 World Series, the Dodgers were up against Houston. During the 6th game, something truly crazy happened. A gambler reportedly from Eastern Europe decided to place an $8 million wager on the Los Angeles team to win game 6. To bet that kind of cash, you need not only nerves of steel but also an incredibly high bankroll. It is hard to imagine anyone with a net worth below $50 or even $100 million placing wagers like that. The anonymous bettor manages to cash out $14 million after LA won 3 to 1. This baseball bet of $8 million set the all-time record for the biggest sports wager and, to this day, has not been eclipsed. The bettor actually got incredibly lucky because, after the series, it turned out that Houston was using technology and different sign-stealing strategies to cheat and influence the outcome of games.


It Is Not All Sunshine And Rainbows – Businessman Loses It All

We can’t only talk about gamblers who managed to win 6 and 7 figures. We also need to talk about the unlucky risk-takers who lost absurd amounts of money, which may have long-lasting effects on their psyche. Jim McIngvale is known as a big-time gambler and is famous for his unusual marketing strategies, which he uses to pump up sales in his furniture company. After losing over $10,000,000 when he agreed to refund mattress purchases over $3,000 if the beloved Astros lost in the World Series, he was eager to get his money back. So when the Astros returned to the World Series the next year, he put $1000000 in Las Vegas and a further $3.5 million at a casino in Mississippi and another $1.5 million online. Unfortunately for Jim, his team was unsuccessful, and he forfeited $6500000.

So there you have it: those are some of the biggest wagers in baseball history. There is no reason you can’t join that list and win some astronomical sums of cash with baseball contests. Now you know what’s possible, it’s time to do your research and find the next big winning bet!